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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

The Globidens


Globidens are marine reptiles that belong to the Triassic era. They were survivors of the earth about 215 million years ago. The globidens were a part and sect of the mosasaur lizards. They were the largest living lizards.

The fossils of the Globidens indicate that they were about 20 feet (i.e.) 6m in length and they had sharp teeth . But, researchers could not find out the weight of the dinosaur. Fish were a major part of the diet of Globidens. These lizards had flippers along with a long tail and neck. Their heads were pointed.

The fossils of the Globidens indicated that it had spent most of its time under water, but it crawled onto the land with the help of its strong legs. The Globidens had more or less the same appearance as mosasaur lizards since it had the same type of flippers, powerful jaws and laterally flattened tail.

In the year 1912, Gilmore is the first person to describe about the Globidens. The second species was described in the year 1975 by Russel and the third species in the year 2007 by Martin.

The Globidens had flattened limbs which functioned as hydrofoils. The hind limbs of the species of dinosaurs were less significant and they helped in surface control and in stabilizing like sea turtles. It has moreover been seen from the bones of its limbs that these dinosaurs crawled through the water beds just like the small freshwater turtles. The pectoral girdles of the Globidens were mightily built and the girdles made it possible to attach the strong muscles. And the researches showed that the pectoral girdles were located under the shoulders. Hence, they were used by the dinosaur species for swimming.

Apart from the speciality of the limbs of the Globidens, the tail bears a resemblance to aquatic reptiles. The powerful tail muscles enabled the amazing species of dinosaurs to heave it from side to side along with a control to use it as a weapon as well.

Globidens are regarded to be ovoviviparous, which means that they reproduced by eggs which developed inside the body. The fossils of Globidens displayed a deficiency in ossification and a basic elbow joint in the progression of olecranon of the ulna. Such a feature has enabled these dinosaurs to crawl over to the beaches during the egg laying process. The specimen was found in similar type of deposit and at altered developmental stages in and around the same locality. Hence, it is believed to sustain an ovoviviparous model. But, the fossils of the female Species of the Globidens indicated that it had foetuses inside the lower segment of the thoracic cavity.

So there were a lot of details found about these dinosaur species from its fossils. But, some of the conclusions are still unsolved. The Globidens evolved during the dinosaur era and ruled as the water lords. They were strong and had all the weaponry and armour in their body. If you wish to gather more details about this amazing species of dinosaurs.

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