welcome to my dinos you are going to look at dinosaurs that can fly,swim and walk.have fun!

lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009



The Efraasia herbivore dinosaur was first discovered in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany by Eberhard Fraas.

Efraasia's Fossils have been identified incorrectly, at least, four times in total. Originally these Efraasia fossils were named under the Rauisuchian family as a Teratosaurus(not a Efraasia), named by Friedrich Von Huene in 1908. Rauisuchians were reptile predators in the late triassic Period. On a closer look at the Rauisuchians and the Teratosaurus by a Eberhard Fraas, he found that the fossils more closely resembled a Thecodontosaurus. In 1932 it was mentioned to be a Paleosaurus..

In 2002, even through it was believed that portions of the fossils were a juvenile Sellosaurus, it was identified as a new species (Efraasia).

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