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lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


The Hainosaurus


Hainosaurus is an extinct dinosaur species that evolved from the family of the mosasaur species of lizards and they got this named because of the Haine river, where they known to have lived. They were among the largest mosasaur dinosaurs and measured up to 15 metres or 49 feet in length. Thus, the hainosaurus species came under the top predators of the dinosaur era. These dinosaurs were known to prey on turtles, other smaller species of dinosaurs, fish and sharks.

The hainosaurus species of dinosaurs were discovered during the period of the 1960s. They were believed to have lived about 200 million years ago. So they were upheld to be a very distinct species of dinosaurs. Their fossils were of utmost importance to researchers and dinosaur experts. So, every piece of their bone gave the researchers a dimension to look at the species.

The hainosaurus were classified under the animalia kingdom, under the phylum of chordata, sauropsida class, squamata order and scleroglossa suborder. There were known to have belonged to the Mosasauridae family and Tylosaurinae subfamily under the genes name of hainosaurus.

The hainosaurus had an elongated body which was perfectly built for agility and speed under water. They had flippers along the sides which were like fins. Their tail was also curved in the form of fins. This allowed them to swim very fast and swiftly in water. They had a sharp snout with sharp teeth as they evolved from the mosasaur species which, everyone knows were known to have sharp teeth to tear apart prey.

The hainosaurus were one of the most strong and dominant aquatic animals in those times. They had the greatest built for water life. They emerged as one of the largest and most feared dinosaur species.

The fossils of these dinosaurs indicated that they were built completely for aquatic life. They were not able to go on land as they had no limbs, but a pair of fins. These dinosaurs were quite slim and had torpedo like body to get that speed to pierce through the water.

The hainosaurus were viviparous which meant that they bred their eggs inside their bodies. They had to lay eggs in water as they were not able to go on land. But this thesis was not completely satisfactory as their fossils also indicated that they gave birth to young ones. Their pelvic bones displayed that they given birth instead of having eggs.

The sample was found in related types of remains and with some form of transformed developmental periods in and around the same locality. Hence, it is assumed to keep up as an ovoviviparous model. But, the fossils of the female hainosaurus dinosaurs showed a sign of having foetuses inside the lower sections of the thoracic cavity.

Hence, there were a numerous amounts of facts claimed regarding these dinosaur species by research on its fossils. But, a few of the theories are still mystifying. The Hainosaurus developed in the dinosaur era and reigned as the water devils. They were well-built and had all the armour to be a feared predator.

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