welcome to my dinos you are going to look at dinosaurs that can fly,swim and walk.have fun!

lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


The Procompsognathus

Procompsognathus, when first discovered in Germany & described in 1913, was regarded as an ancestor to the 3 foot Compsognathus, which held the title for smallest dinosaur until the discovery of Microraptor, a pigeon-sized gliding Dromaeosaurid. It is now thought that Procompsognathus does still belong in the Coelurisauria order, but the crushed fossil does not supply enough information to classify it further. Procompsognathus' only fossilized remains, named SMNS 12591, consists of a crushed & fragmented neck & tail, with the arms & hips badly damaged as well. The supposed head pointed it towards being a Coelophysid, but it is now thought to be a different animal's, pushed close to the Procompsognathus' body. The dinosaur Procompsognathus Triassicus features heavily in & was popularized by the first Jurassic Park novel, however they were depicted as similar to birds, while actually having less relation to them than T. Rex which was made out to lumber slowly, nothing like a bird. Michael Crichton also scripted the dinosaurs as poisonous, based on no fossil evidence.

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