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lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


The Lexovisaurus

Lexovisaurus - The Dinosaur with Plates

Lexovisaurus is a dinosaur that had a medium size with enough plates on the body. They were found sometime during Middle to Late Jurassic era. They were named Osmosaurus in the beginning. But later on they were again renamed as Lexovisaurus. The name Lexovisaurus means Lexovian lizard. This again comes from the Celtic culture. Their fossils show them to be a member of the stegosaur family. These were group of herbivorous dinosaurs. They were primarily found in the Northern Hemisphere. Their fossils were found all across China , England and North America .

Not much is known about them. The remains of this species were found in England and France . In the year 1957, Robert Hoffsetter named them Lexovisaurus. They were named after a tribe which used to inhabit the same place. This tribe was called the Gallic tribe.

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